Our Story

 Divinus Oils logo which creates custom hair oil using combinations of carrier oils and essential oils to help with oily hair and dry hair for causes like itchy scalp, excessive sebum, hair breakage and dandruff.

“Beauty is about feeling comfortable with the Way You Are…

Let your beauty be Unique to You.”

Divinus Oils is a proud Canadian company on the founded belief that cosmetic products should be tailored to each individual, crafting an identity and ultimately making a beauty routine that is designed for you and you only.

Dedicated solely on organic, plant-based, traditional ingredients sourced from all over the world, we pride ourselves in supporting the organic movement and we wish to say this - Beauty does not have to leave a negative footprint. Beauty can be achieved while leaving the earth in a greener place.

From combining modern methods to identifying the most suitable and potent ingredients to having our experts formulate and package your beauty product, we aim to help achieve your beauty goals in no time.

As members of innovation, we love to constantly explore new ingredients that can provide tremendous benefits. We help showcase these ingredients on where it can add value to your everyday busy life and we suggest best practices to get the most out of these ingredients.


Be Natural. Be You.

Phil & Rishav, The Founders