Divinus Oils sources carrier oils from eastern continents derived from plants being used in age old recipes to combat dry hair, oily hair and everything in between.


Natural Carrier Oil - Camellia Seed

Originating from East Asia, this seed is loaded with Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and full of anti-oxidants with non-greasy properties making it a wonderful all-around moisturizer for the hair and scalp....

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Natural Carrier Oil - Golden Jojoba

Rich, golden and vibrant. Golden Jojoba is readily absorbed into the hair follicles which allows for immediate reduction in moisture fatigue and acts as a wonderful emollient which aids damaged hair caused...

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Natural Carrier Oil - Grapeseed

Lightweight but a heavy hitter. Grapeseed oil draws away excess oil while maintaining proper moisture due to the oil being rich in Vitamin A, E and C. <- Back  ...

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Natural Carrier Oil - Tea Tree

Tea Tree Oil is a truly effective natural aid. With anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, the oil is used to help clear out sebum that is clogged inside the hair follicles....

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Natural Carrier Oil - Virgin Coconut

Simple and extremely potent. Virgin Coconut Oil contains lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids which not only helps condition your hair and strengthens it as well. <- Back    Get...

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