Flower fragrance oils accumulated with popular flowers as well as bringing on more traditional and lesser known flowers from the Eastern Asian provinces.


Natural Hair Oil Fragrance - Rose

Rose - A flower symbolizing love. The red maiden’s has been shown uplifting effects and is also perfect for the hair to help strengthen and shine to maintain that perfect...

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Natural Hair Oil Fragrance - Lavender

Lavender - a genus to the family of Lamiaceae and originally discovered in the Canary Islands. Lavender is now a world-renowned flower and its uses is greatly varies. In aromatherapy,...

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Natural Hair Oil Fragrance - Chamomile

Many are used to it in the form of tea. This flower helps calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. By adding it into your hair as well it helps with...

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Natural Hair Oil Fragrance - Geranium

Geranium -  A flower found commonly throughout the eastern part of the Mediterranean region. This flower has a multitude of benefits towards the skin. It acts as an astringent which...

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Natural Hair Oil Fragrance - Ylang Ylang

A flower used widely throughout the cosmetic industry. This flower works wonders for your hair! From promoting hair growth to preventing hair loss - this flower is gentle enough to...

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