Personalize Your Hair Serum
Personalize Your Hair Serum
Personalize Your Hair Serum

Personalize Your Hair Serum

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Floral : Calm + Relaxing
Citrus : Focus + Awake
Herbal : Balance + Mindfulness

Step 1: Select Hair Type
Step 2: Select Fragrance Type
Step 3: Choose 2 Fragrance Options

Our Active Botanical Formulations
Normal Hair - Virgin Coconut Oil, Camellia Seed, Golden Jojoba

Love your hair with this powerful, all natural leave-in hair oil serum! Suitable for all around hair types, this formula has been created to give a boost of moisture, strengthen the hair, and repair any damaged hair.

Dry Hair - Virgin Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel, Golden Jojoba

For hair that needs an intense dose of moisture therapy. This formula has what it takes to hydrate your hair back to its natural, healthy state. Excellent to use after showering, blow-drying, curling-iron, or hair straightening iron.

Oily Hair - Grapeseed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Golden Jojoba

A little less oil and a little more control. Oily hair is a big culprit in uneven shine, acne, and irritated scalp due to sebum build-up. This formula is designed to help draw excess oil away while keeping keeping the hair's natural moisture barrier untouched.